Does My Short Term Rental Come Furnished?

When you are looking for a standard one-year lease, an apartment in New York City almost always comes unfurnished and you need to bring your own furniture. However, when you are looking for a leasebreak or a short-term rental, the options tend to come in three categories: Unfurnished, Furnished, or Semi-Furnished. Let's look at each in turn.

The Unfurnished Short-Term Rental
Usually when someone is breaking their lease and going somewhere else, they need to take their furniture with them. An incoming tenant would be expected to bring all of their own furniture, like most apartments in New York City.

The Furnished Short-Term Rental
Furnished Short-Term Rentals usually come in two varieties:

(i) The tenant who is looking to have someone take over their lease…and their furniture! If a tenant is leaving the city on a temporary assignment for several months with plans to return, they will often be looking for someone who can take over their lease along with all of their furniture. It would be an expensive hassle to store all of that furniture just for a few months. Sometimes, you will get lucky: a tenant is breaking the lease and leaving for good, leaving their furniture behind, and they don’t want to be bothered with trying to sell it off piece-by-piece. Although, depending on the quality of the furniture, you might not wind up considering yourself so lucky after all.

(ii) The landlord who specializes in short-term rentals
These landlords specialize in the leasing of short-term sublets. Take June Homes, for example, they offer short term rentals in top locations across major U.S. cities. And there are many more like that who also list their apartments on our website. These apartments come fully furnished, and usually even include sheets, towels, utensils, etc.: the works!

The Semi-Furnished Rental
Our website sees frequent listings by tenants who are breaking their leases and leaving behind some of their furniture, usually for free. Here are two recent examples from people who recently posted:

1) Tenant says:  “Some furniture (coffee table, media center, desk, breakfast/pub style high table & chairs) can be negotiated and remain in the apartment”

2) Tenant says: Tenant says: “We also have a large black leather couch that is in great condition! It is super comfortable. It unfortunately will not fit in our new apartment so we will leave it for the new tenant if they want it.

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