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How to Find a Rental or Post a Lease

At, our mission is simple:  Connect New York City renters with short term sublets and leasebreaks. Often landlords will allow you to break your lease if you can provide a qualified renter to take it over.   

Who uses our website?

- Anyone looking for a short term rental, whether you are a real estate agent or a renter

-Renters looking for a unique opportunity to "take over" a lease between 1 and 12 months in duration. 

-Tenants who are breaking their lease and need to find a renter.  They post their listing on Leasebreak for free! 

-Brokers and landlords who are looking for more specialized traffic for their short-term rentals.  They post their listing on Leasebreak, for free! 

So, how does it work?


If you wish to POST your short term rental or leasebreak on, it's easy and free! You would want to focus on the right side of the home page.  By pressing the “Post Your Lease Break” button, you would register and then verify your new account by clicking on the link in the email that is sent to you.  Next, you can enter the details for the short term rental or the leasebreak, post pictures, and then "submit" your listing.  If you are a landlord or a real estate agent with several apartments, you can enter multiple listings and then manage them in your “account”.  Your email address will be anonymized at first so prospective renters can contact you without seeing your email address.  However, please note that when you respond they will see your email address in the "from" field. 


If you wish to FIND a short-term rental and/or you are looking to take over a lease on, it's easy and free! In this case, you want to focus on the left side of the home page and conduct your search as you would any other real estate website. If you find a property that interests you and wish to contact the person who listed the apartment, you first need to register and verify your account by clicking on the link in the email that is sent to you.  Next, press “contact me” and send the "lister" an email.  Hopefully this results in a viewing and perhaps culminates with you putting in an application on the apartment!   

Enjoy using Leasebreak!


The Leasebreak Team



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