A Sample Of Some Recent Testimonials and Reviews


Note: Since our traffic was exploding and we could not keep up with this manual process, we decided to post recent testimonials on our home page instead :) 


Lauren (June 27th, 2017)

“Based on the responses I received and the people I met with, I found that the potential renters on LeaseBreak were more professional than on sites like Craigslist. They knew what their needs were, and seemed more prepared to make a decision and move forward."


Sebastien (June 26th, 2017)

“Broker contacted me. Rented within the week"


Thomas (June 26th, 2017)

“Great experience with - was able to list my apartment with ease, it was well marketed and I received several inquiries. I was able to sublease my apartment in just 10 days using"


Annie (June 25th, 2017)



Evie (June 25th, 2017)

“Great experience, reliable renters!"


Caryl (June 24th, 2017)

“It works. thank you"


Patsy (June 23rd, 2017)

“Great website, very helpful"


Hannah (June 22nd, 2017)



Tara (June 22nd, 2017)



Tara (June 21st, 2017)



Tawana (June 20th, 2017)

“Thank're the best. I was able to find wonderful tenants on this site for my owners everyone is very happy. Cheers!"


Michael (June 20th, 2017)

“Awesome website!"


Kaitlyn (June 20th, 2017)



Melissa (June 19th, 2017)

“Great experience! Thanks!"


Lauren (June 19th, 2017)

“Great service, very appreciative of the exposure!"


Haleh (June 19th, 2017)

“It was great!"


Krystal (June 18th, 2017)



Preeti (June 16th, 2017)

“Everything worked out smoothly"


Samanatha (June 14th, 2017)

“Very helpful."


Natalie (June 13th, 2017)

“Great experience! Enjoy providing all info up front including reason for leaving."


Lynne (June 12th, 2017)

“Thank you for a great experience."


Brady (June 10th, 2017)

“Fast response, we rented our apartment within days!"


Ajay (June 8th, 2017)

“I got a good quality leads through your website and could sublet for 4 months. Thanks guys."


John (June 8th, 2017)

“This is definitely the solution for short term leasebreaks."


Ben (June 7th, 2017)

“I posted my apartment on many sites but got 90% of my replies back from Leasebreak. Featured listings also really make a difference! Great service."


Rachelle (June 6th, 2017)

“Great opportunity! thank you!"


Jaeyon (June 5th, 2017)

“It helped a lot better than street easy in terms of traffic. Thanks!"


Elena (June 5th, 2017)

“Great Website"


Gillian (June 5th, 2017)



Ian (June 3rd, 2017)



Cristen (June 3rd, 2017)

“Great experience!"


Zaure (June 2nd, 2017)

“Thank you. This website is amazing and provides great results"


Dougal (June 2nd, 2017)

“Great experience great website"


Rachel (June 1st, 2017)

“Great website highly recommend it"


Constanza (June 1st, 2017)

“Easy and fast. Thank you!"


Madhavi (May 31st, 2017)

“I'm a new user and never expected to find a replacement to take over my lease. I was proven wrong! :)"


Nilay (May 30th, 2017)

“Thanks! great experience."


Tammy (May 30th, 2017)



Christopher (May 27th, 2017)

“Worked great - thanks!"


Yasaman (May 24th, 2017)

“Easy to use - high quality candidates."


Abby (May 24th, 2017)

“I got a lot of interest in my apartment by posting on Leasebreak!"


Richard (May 24th, 2017)

“Great site!"


Mark (May 24th, 2017)

“Worked great!"


Renee (May 23rd, 2017)

“I was able to find a lease assignment through The Leasebreak website and I found the site to be easy and an effective was to advertise my apartment. Great site!"


Dani (May 23rd, 2017)



David (May 23rd, 2017)

“Easy to use, great results"


David (May 22nd, 2017)

“Thank you"


Von (May 22nd, 2017)

“It found that the people in the site looking for a place were serious and I rented mine in a week!"


Bradley (May 21st, 2017)

“Easy to use and very detailed"


Vanessa (May 19th, 2017)

“Got a ton of inquires and just chose one. Great experience"


Bryan (May 16th, 2017)

“Excellent website!"


Tuomo (May 16th, 2017)



Syambra (May 15th, 2017)

“Lease break is great! Super helpful way to get my place sublet as quickly as possible."


Iva (May 15th, 2017)

“It is my favorite sublet website in nyc"

NOTE FROM LEASEBREAK: Thanks Iva, now we are blushing :)


Sara (May 13th, 2017)

“Site worked well - thank you"


Chloe (May 12th, 2017)

“Thank you so much! Such a great site to use, great team to work with, and thanks to you guys we had thousands of views and almost a hundred interested renters, and finalized two subleases in a matter of weeks!"


Melaine (May 11th, 2017)

“I received a lot of qualified leads from your website. The dates for this lease break was exactly what the client was looking for!"


Samar (May 11th, 2017)

“It was very easy and smooth to rent out my place through lease break. Thanks!!"


Jung (May 9th, 2017)

“It was quite fast to get a renter"


Zachary (May 9th, 2017)

“Thanks to I was able to find an agent who helped get this apartment listed!"

NOTE FROM LEASEBREAK: Thanks Zachary! Yes, we have an innovative program where we can match you with an excellent real estate agent which is totally free for you! It won't work for every situation but our goal is to help you rent your apartment as quickly as possible, and this is one way to do it!


Alex (May 9th, 2017)

“Thanks for the help!"


Kelly (May 9th, 2017)



Michel (May 9th, 2017)

“Super Easy!"


Michelle (May 7th, 2017)

“Great service, thanks!"


Stephanie (May 7th, 2017)

“Rented it through leasebreak big fan"


Mandana (May 7th, 2017)

“Clearly, those who are using Leasebreak find it reliable and trustworthy."


Keith (May 6th, 2017)

“Great site!"


Carynn (May 5th, 2017)

“I successfully found a subleasor through this!"


Jeff (May 5th, 2017)

“Very happy with leasebreak as I was able to find the right tenant for this unit."


Rachael (May 4th, 2017)



Jennifer (May 3rd, 2017)

“You guys were great. Many thanks."


Florence (May 2nd, 2017)

“It was great except for the few times my listing was taken down randomly."

NOTE FROM LEASEBREAK: Sorry Florence. We do police the site heavily and sometimes we are overly cautious :)


Crystal (May 2nd, 2017)

“You guys were great. Many thanks."


Dennis (May 1st, 2017)

“Rented through lease break"


Nydia (May 1st, 2017)

“Great website"


David (May 1st, 2017)

“Thanks leasebreak"


Reem (April 2017)

“Perfect website to sublease short term"


Cece (April 2017)

“Your site is great! One of the best! Super thankful for the efficiency!"


Matthew (April 2017)



Leila (April 2017)



Bevin (April 2017)

“Very easy to use."


Dara (April 2017)

“Great experience"


Stephen (April 2017)



Scott (April 2017)

“It's fine."


Camilla (April 2017)

“Had a great experience with leasebreak"


Jamie (April 2017)

“Found a subletor! Very easy to use."


Julia (April 2017)

“Found a subleter!"


Neil (April 2017)

“Website is easy to use and effective in finding tenants"


Steven (April 2017)

“This was extremely easy and fast!"


Colin (April 2017)

“Great experience"


Alice (April 2017)

“Great and easy process!"


Tristen (April 2017)

“Worked really fast!!"


Lauren (April 2017)

“Thank you!"


Joshua (April 2017)

“Great experience. Will be back."


Laura (April 2017)

“Thank you so much to the team at for helping me rent this apartment! It was quick and easy, and I greatly appreciate your site. I will always use when I have a short term lease I need to rent."


Richard (April 2017)

“Worked great, tons of inquiries"


Ada (April 2017)

“Good way to connect to renters. Thanks!"


John (April 2017)

“Good stuff."


Phoebe (April 2017)

“It was great! The incoming tenant is so nice! Thank you Leasebreak."


Peiliang (April 2017)



Rocio (April 2017)

“Went well"


Keisey (April 2017)

“We connected and it was a perfect match!"


Bernard (March 2017)

“Experience was seamless. I got interest in the first two days the apt was online. Hadn't heard of leasebreak before and will be recommending this in the future to friends and family"


Staci (March 2017)

“Super easy process, we received 3 inquiries through the site and one worked out"


Christian (March 2017)

“Very simple and straightforward!"


Christopher (March 2017)

“Thank you"


James (March 2017)

“Easy. Good reach!!"


Sarah (March 2017)



Rachel (March 2017)

“Fast and easy"


Ryan (March 2017)



Kristy (March 2017)

“Thank you!"


Patricia (March 2017)

“It was priced to rent, I posted it and it rented 14 days later."


David (March 2017)

“Thanks Leasebreak! This was my first one rented through your site. Hopefully many more to come."


Lani (March 2017)

“Love it!"


Anisha (March 2017)

“Was able to sublet my apt through leasebreak in a short period of time!"


Lili (March 2017)



Mark (March 2017)

“Excellent experience. Intuitive website and lots of potential tenants"


Roy (March 2017)



Melaine (March 2017)

“Client found this listing through The terms of this lease assignment was exactly what he was looking for!"


Erinn (March 2017)

“Very easy and found a great person!"


Daniel (March 2017)

“It was a very easy site to use, lots of hits from potential tenants!"


Tina (March 2017)

“It was quick and easy."


Lynn (March 2017)

“Found a subletter for our lease. Thanks!"


Kelly (March 2017)

“Leasebreak was great! The ease of use and exposure was perfect. And the fact that it's free is even better! I got more responses on Leasebreak than I did from my postings on other sites. Even the paid ones!"


Kriti (February 2017)

“Very easy and effective."


Alex (February 2017)

“Super helpful!"


Michaela (February 2017)

“Very helpful"


Alexandra (February 2017)

“It was great and easy. Loved my experience"


Devin (February 2017)



Sooji (February 2017)

“Leasebreak was very helpful for renting out my room. I got lots of responses, and I ended up renting my room through someone who contacted me through Leasebreak!"


Joseph (February 2017)

“Great experience with lessebreak. I would use it again."


Laura (February 2017)

“Rented fast and easy through site."


Summer (February 2017)

“Great experience! Thank you:)"


Matthew (February 2017)

“I literally posted this everywhere and showed to a handful of people but only got one hit from leasebreak and he was the one who pulled the trigger. Seems to have less window shoppers than other sites. Super thrilled!"


Ashley (February 2017)

“Very pleased with the outcome!"


Shalain (February 2017)

“Great website, there were alot of requests coming through this for this posting."


Nina (February 2017)

“Easy process, produced a decent number of responses, would recommend to friends!"


Ana (February 2017)

“It was great!"


Kelsey (February 2017)

“I used an agent and managed myself through Leasebreak and in the end, someone who contacted me directly through leasebreak got the apartment. Shows you really don't have to pay those ridiculous broker fees!"



Andrew (February 2017)

“The site did far more than the agent who listed it and said he could move it in two weeks. Thank you!"



Jackie (February 2017)

“Thank you!"



Suzanne (January 2017)

“It worked"


Omri (January 2017)

“Was great many helpful tips and inquiries"


Conor (January 2017)

“Site worked very well, got many responses"


Dmitry (January 2017)

“It took me some time to rent this out but I was finally able to match apartment with tenants. I highly recommend using this site if you have a short term lease or a lease break or assignment."


Erin (January 2017)

“Everything worked out well!"


Marin (January 2017)

“Great, it was easy to work with it."


Janine (January 2017)

“The tenant found us on your site- thanks!"


Kristi (January 2017)

“Rented. Inquires were few and far between, but we did end up finding a new roommate. Thanks."


Allyson (January 2017)

“Rented. Thank you"


Maham (January 2017)

“I was able to sublease my place real quick because of leasebreak, thanks!"


Kinga (January 2017)

“Thank you for helping me rent out my clients studio within a two week period!"


Katie (January 2017)

“Great experience. Easy to post, got lots of inquiries which contained the relevant information (requester's name and a link to the posting). It is great to be able to keep track of the view count and inquiry count."


John (January 2017)

“Easy to use, someone contacted me and it was a quick process."


Shmuel (January 2017)

“It was rented really fast with full fee through! Thank you!"


Milutin (January 2017)

“It was nice"


Theodore (January 2017)

“It was good"


Daniel (January 2017)

“Was great"


Lindsay (January 2017)

“Very helpful and thorough website. Good communication setup for contacting interested renters."


David (January 2017)

“It took a while but eventually was rented. Website was easy to use. The fact it was free, unlike streeteasy, made it sustainable to keep the posting up. Overall I am very happy and would recommend."


Chip (January 2017)

“The inquiries I got from Leasebreak were always the people most serious about taking on my lease, and the person that accepted was from leasebreak. I am super happy with the process and the exposure that I got through leasebreak"


Chris (January 2017)

“Leasebreak worked perfectly for my purposes."


Michelle (January 2017)

“We only got a few responses, but one was all we needed to find the right fit!"


Philipp (January 2017)



Marie (December 2016)

“Thank you so much for this service. People were very gracious and easy to book a viewing. The process took long but that was because of my management company."


Greg (December 2016)

“Leasebreak helped me find someone to take over the remaining months of my lease. I did subsidize the rent down so that it would be attractive. Thanks for the help!"


Mary (December 2016)

“Great experience, my first time. All people that came through lease break seemed legit. Thanks!"


Kelsey (December 2016)

“It was extremely fast and convenient! Thank you for the help!"


Jill (December 2016)

“Great experience, great service!"


Vincent (December 2016)

“The tenant coming found the listing from the site."


Shila (December 2016)

“Love leasebreak. It's effective and people need a place to go for short term rentals"


Elizabeth (December 2016)

“This website made it very easy to find a replacement. Thanks!"


Patrick (December 2016)

“It was awesome!"


Ryan (December 2016)

“Great website, highly recommend to anyone looking to lease out apartment"


Jang (December 2016)

“This is an excellent website. Will use again."


Leon (December 2016)

“rented it"


Ilena (December 2016)



Esther (December 2016)

“Rented through lease break"


Laura (December 2016)

“Leasebreak was a great way to find a roommate"


Ebony (December 2016)

“Rented through Leasebreak."


Niraj (December 2016)

“Thank you."


Jose (December 2016)

“Leasebreak worked great when I needed to quickly find someone to take on my lease while I was simultaneously moving into my new place. I had 4-5 serious inquiries a day!"


McKenzie (December 2016)

“Found a renter through lease break"


Senemeh (December 2016)

“I like the website"


Kendall (December 2016)

“I had a great experience with this site! The people that contacted me were very normal, which made the decision hard on who to rent the place to."


Jerrod (December 2016)

“Great Experience"


Valerie (December 2016)

“Great Experience thanks"


Susie (December 2016)

“Great Experience!"


Lauren (December 2016)

“Excellent Site!"


Meredith (November 2016)

“Best site and super easy and I found a great person to sublet my place"


Kevin (November 2016)



Devon (November 2016)



Carolina (November 2016)

“My listing was up for less than a week before getting rented, that's awesome!"


Mary (November 2016)

“Very helpful!!"


Mark (November 2016)

“Its an easy website to use, and facilitates the process quite easily. We were lucky to find someone through Lease Break because the rental season here in New York in November is pretty poor."


David (November 2016)

“My posting reached the people who were looking for the time period I needed. We closed the deal less than two hours after they called. "


James (November 2016)

“The experience has been great"


Leticia (November 2016)



Emily (November 2016)

“Leasebreak helped me to quickly find someone to takeover my lease and get my out of my apartment"


Ali (November 2016)

“Leasebreak were quick to find me two brokers. "


Jennifer (November 2016)

“It took a while to rent the apartment, but leasebreak reached out to me numerous times and solicited feedback about the process. In the end my landlord was unmotivated to find a replacement and took too much time, hence the lost potential replacement tenants, and thanks to leasebreak I was still able to find somebody after I discovered this issue."


Eric (November 2016)

“Wonderful experience. Very helpful."


Alex (November 2016)

“Very good experience"


Eric (November 2016)

“Lease break helped me quickly get out of my apartment. "


Eric (October 2016)

“Lease break helped me quickly get out of my apartment. "


McCarton (October 2016)

“The first person to contact me on Leasebreak was a qualified candidate and management approved the sublet within three days. Easy!"


Solomon (October 2016)

“Quick Results!"


Steven (October 2016)

“Rented the apartment off of Leasebreak. The interest was overwhelming. Leasebreak is an amazing service and I would have paid for this service"


Caitlin (October 2016)

“I had a great experience on Leasebreak in every way. I was pleasantly surprised by the customer service check ins. Much more proactive site management than I'd expected. Thank you!"


Chris (October 2016)

“Lots of applications came through, it was great!"


Thomas (October 2016)

“Lots of people contacted Me...great!!!"


Christopher (October 2016)

“I liked the ease of use of the website"


Michael (October 2016)

“Good experience using Leasebreak."


Anne (October 2016)

“Great Experience! Was able to quickly rent out my place."


Jen (October 2016)

“I am so thankful your service is available. It was a fast, easy and safe process finding a tenant for my listing. Thank you again!"


Liz (September 2016)

“Great Experience"


Jeff (September 2016)

“Great site that fulfilled a huge need for both renters and those wanting to get out of their lease. Saved a ton of cash and made our lives easier. Thank you!!!"


Dennis (September 2016)

“"It was a very good experience. Thanks!"


Sam (September 2016)

“All is good”


Kate (September 2016)

“Easy to communicate and advertise ”


J.C. (September 2016)

“The service allowed us to sublet our apartment quickly and effortlessly. The email correspondence was extremely helpful and kept potential renters in an organized manner.”


Kelsey (September 2016)

“Best subletting website out there. I used a few as I was on this roommate journey and definitely had the most responses via Leasebreak. Thanks! ”


Hemant (September 2016)

“Fantastic! Rented my apartment in 3 days of listing it! Great website, thank you. ”


Dionne (September 2016)

“Using Leasebreak was great and easy. Thank you. ”


Jeremy (September 2016)

“Good quality people came to see the apartment. Great site and I'd recommend it to anyone”


Shomita (September 2016)

“Thanks to leasebreak I was able to get a lease assignment on my apartment!”


Jeanette (September 2016)

“Very easy to post a listing. Allows great detail to be added. Good options for creating additional exposure”


Andrew (September 2016)



Pooja (September 2016)

“Great experience with the site!”


Daniel (September 2016)

“Leasebreak worked well for my needs”


Jonathan(September 2016)

“Worked Great”


Patricia (September 2016)

“Great service with real interested parties”


Ray (August 2016)

“Although I did not rent [my apt] through leasebreak, I did find your site very helpful. I will use it again in the future if I need to”


S.R. (August 2016)

“I will be using this service again in the future case I need to find a tenant. It was perfect for what I needed. Also, the admins take good care in monitoring any suspicious activity to [do their best to] ensure the safety and security of users (unlike on craigslist). Great service, and thanks again!”


Lisa (August 2016)

“I'm so glad you police the site so's one of the only trustworthy sites out there that works. I got a really solid lead from the site that was a young professional, and wasn't trying to scam”


Andrew(August 2016)

“Despite getting more "hits" through [Competitor], the quality hits - and most importantly the final individual who took over my apartment - came from Leasebreak. If the instance comes again where I need to break my lease, I will be certainly be coming back to Leasebreak”


Leila(August 2016)

“Leasebreak is the best website for renting my short term apartments in NY ”


Lauren (August 2016)

“It helped. ”


Jeff (August 2016)

“Leasebreak actually got the best results for us. We found our place on Leasebreak, and got out of it on Leasebreak. ”


Robert (August 2016)

“It was definitely great working with Leasebreak. There were ample viewers for the apartment (about 10-15 individual viewings) and the platform was easy to use. ”


Samia (August 2016)

“Great website! ”


Janine (August 2016)

“Fantastic Experience! Would recommend to anyone! ”


Yezenia (August 2016)

“It was a great way to find the right fit! ”


Sherief (August 2016)

“Cool. Bro. ”


Harinii (August 2016)

“Got good leads through Leasebreak...very helpful customer service”


Kyle (August 2016)

“Very shocked that the future tenant of my place came through this site. I am a real estate agent in Noho and a friend mentioned I list the unit on here. I rolled my eyes and posted it anyway because I was desperate. What do you know, Leasebreak delivered a quality new tenant. Thanks will be using in the future! ”


Vincent (August 2016)

“Really great experience. You guys don't charge fees like other sites do. Simple and straight forward. Would recommend and use again. ”


Derrick (July 2016)

“Great experience. Leasebreak generated many promising leads. ”


Florina (July 2016)

“We had a great experience. ”


Miranda (July 2016)

“Amazing. Thanks! ”


Ian (July 2016)

“The website is easy to use and was very helpful in finding a replacement”


Thais (July 2016)

“I had an amazing experience, so much support and a great end with a new tenant in our place. I extremely recommend working together with the Leasebreak team”


Alex (July 2016)

“Good Experience”


Matthew (July 2016)

“Leasebreak was an easy and convenient way to connect me with a new applicant to take over my lease!”


Cristina (July 2016)

“Your website is great. I will recommend this site to anyone!!”


Nireeti (July 2016)

“The best leads and it made breaking our lease very easy.”


Samridhi (July 2016)

“I really appreciate your customer care team and would like to thank you immensely for keeping the site clean.”


Carey (July 2016)

“I have had a ton of inquiries! I will definitely be using you guys again when needed.”


Laura (July 2016)

“Thank you so much! The apartment has rented because of your help! I really appreciate it, and I will be sure to work with next time I have someone who needs to break their lease.”


Ryan (June 2016)

“Got a ton of feedback from our posting. Rented the apartment quickly. Loved the service.”


Steven (June 2016)

“Worked great!”


Rodrigo (June 2016)

“Really great website, great format to list my space.”


Asha (June 2016)

“Easy to use...."Free" is additional bonus!.”


Ashley (June 2016)

“Great experience!”


Liz (June 2016)

“It really works!”


Sharon (May 2016)

“I am an enthusiastic fan! I love your site & have found wonderful tenants so apt rented within the first week!”


George (May 2016)

“I love your site, it is very useful!”


John (April 2016)

“...Lease break is a great resource for a particular set of was able to generate the right amount of exposure in order to get it rented in a short period of time...thanks to your site we were able to get both parties to agree to terms in an efficient manner. ”


Anna (March 2016)

“Our experience with your site is wonderful. Many clients have contacted us to express interest.”


Lisa (March 2016)

“By the time I used your site, I had already used a number of other sites but I have to tell you that your site was the easiest to use and the most comprehensive. What I liked best was all the filters on the site which could accommodate virtually every situation from short term, long term, brokers fee or no brokers fee, option to renew or not renew, etc. I have already recommended your site to family and friends who live in NY. ”


Amanda (February 2016)

“I was extremely pleased with Leasebreak, it made my life so much easier and took the pressure off of finding a tenant to take over my lease. I found the whole process to be hassle free and very easy. I would absolutely recommend Leasebreak to a friend.”


Elizabeth (February 2016)

“I've connected with a number of possible candidates...Thanks so much, this has been a very easy experience, with good results!”


Briana (January 2016)

“I was able to successfully rent the apartment using this website. It was super easy to use, and only took a couple of weeks to find a replacement roommate. ”


James (December 2015)

“You guys were SOOOO helpful. I posted my listing many places but got the most serious inquiries on leasebreak. Can't thank you guys enough. You really really saved me! I got the most leads through leasebreak by far, and ultimately found a good candidate to rent the place.”


Gloy (December 2015)

“The experience was great. Seamless and easy to post. Didn't take long to get contacted back and people are legit.”


Alexis (December 2015)

“It was really easy to set up our listing on the site. Once we had it set so that real estate agents could contact us we started receiving lots of requests to view the apartment. It was super simple organizing viewings with perspective renters and we had our apartment rented in no time at all”


Kathleen (November 2015)

“ was a lifesaver!  I needed to break my lease after only 4 mos and listed it with a broker, streeteasy, and  I got decent traffic from the first 2 but no serious renters.  After 2 weeks on Leasebreak, it was rented!  Their service caters to serious renters looking to take over a lease without any hassle.  Only 2 people came to see it through Leasebreak but both were extremely qualified, normal and wanted to take over the lease.  I went with a woman I randomly knew through work but had not seen in 5 years.  Leasebreak weeds out the brokers and the crazies and connect serious renters with people who need out of their lease. I appreciated the ease of use, user interface, and most importantly the high quality renters they sent my way. Thank you!”


Michael (November 2015)

“Life plans changed and I had to get out of my lease, as subletting wasn't an option. Got my landlord's permission to break the lease as long as I found a replacement. Posted my photos and writeup for free on and got a request within a week, but it wasn't a good fit. Gave it another week and an absolutely perfect fit reached out. They'd just moved to NYC and needed a place immediately, and I was looking to get out ASAP. We got the paperwork sorted within a few days and it was good to go. With all of the nonsense of Craigslist [like getting my listings flagged by brokers], Leasebreak was a massive help. Could've lost a decent bit of money in rent if I hadn't found a solution. Big thanks to the Leasebreak team for getting me out of a serious bind!”


Sara (November 2015)

“I'll be sure to recommend your site to anyone looking for apartments”


Lauren (October 2015)

“My experience with your platform was very positive and received a fair amount of hits from it. Thank you again and I will be sure to refer your services to others.”


Jennifer (October 2015)

“Leasebreak was easy and fast. Within 1 week I was able to find someone to take over the rest of my lease. I've already recommended this site to other people looking to move”


Kelly (September 2015)

“This site really seems to be catching on. It has the most traction from tenants who are professionals. Congrats!”


Christina (August 2015)

“Happy to report that my first experience with Leasebreak was a positive one. Signing a lease on a new apartment with 6 weeks remaining on my contract was stressful to say the least. I couldn’t afford to pay rent on two places (even for a limited time) and I would also be denied my security deposit if I broke my lease early. I had to pay to post on other sites...and didn’t have the time or patience to sift through the whacky responses I received on Craigslist. Then I learned about Leasebreak from an article in The Daily Beast. I was able to post my listing for free and got the exposure I was looking for. Site was very easy to navigate. Quickly typed up description (availability, amenities, payment options, misc. lease terms) and snapped a few pics of my place. Leasebreak notified me instantly if someone messaged me with questions about my space or if they wanted to schedule a viewing. I received numerous inquiries and within 2 days of posting my ad on Leasebreak, was connected with someone who was looking for a short-term lease in my neighborhood. The burden is off my shoulders, my lessee is happily settled, and I am adjusting to a new place to call home.”


Alex (August 2015)

“My experience was great! Thanks for helping us find a tenant. “


Lucien (August 2015)

“I got three different very interested inquiries from this site. Seems much more professional and standup than Craigslist. If the situation merits I’ll use this site again.”


David (July 2015)

“The experience was wonderful: the website and interface are clean and easy to use, and I had plenty of folks reach out -- none of whom were the scary internet trolls, or bots you might find when listing somewhere like Craigslist.”


Carly (July 2015)

“We had a great experience and were able to rent out the apt. quickly.”


Christine (July 2015)

“Can't say enough great things about your service…So thankful to have found the site and will highly recommend to friends and colleagues renting or breaking!”


Jennifer (July 2015)

“We just found our replacement tenant through a broker on your site and are very thankful for it. Will definitely recommend your site. Thank you so much!!!”