66 Rockwell Place

Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn

The Basics

$3,400per month
Earliest Move-In
1 month min
Earliest Move-Out
May 19, 2023
Latest move-out:
Open Ended
Last Updated
Jan 30, 2023

The Basics

Listing type:

Lease Assignment

Posted by:


Tenant Claims:

Got Landlord's Permission


Can be Furnished OR Unfurnished

Kind of building:

Rental building

Opportunity to renew:


Brokerage Fee:

The poster of this listing is NOT charging a brokerage fee.

Apartment Tours:


Virtual Live Tours:

Yes, upon request  




  • Renovated
  • Superb Views
  • Exceptional Light
  • Private Outdoor Space
  • Doorman
  • Elevator
  • Pet Friendly
  • Gym
  • Bike Storage
  • Garage
  • Public Garden
  • Public Patio
  • Public Roof Deck
  • Public Terrace
  • Laundry Room

Property Details


We recently purchased a home in New Jersey and, as such, are looking to assign our current lease in Unit 28J at 66 Rockwell Place.

This unit is RENT STABILIZED. That means at the end of the current lease (May 19th), you will be offered a renewal in line with the maximum increase allowed (which is around 2-3% for this year). This renewal offer is guaranteed - but you are not required to decide prior to moving in.

We are offering a one time concession in the form of cash $3,100 and including a $1,000 security deposit (bringing our total concessions to $4,100).

For the remainder of our lease term, this brings the net rent you would pay to $3,400 ($4,285 is the normal rent amount) and would mean you do not need to pay any security deposit prior to moving in. If you choose to renew in May, the renewal would be at the $4,285 rate.

In order to get approved for this apartment, you must be approved through the building leasing office. This means you must qualify for 40x the income at the normal rent amount of $4,285.

We can arrange for tours of the building and unit as requested.

We are open to leaving some small furniture behind if you want (maybe a bed, dresser, table, etc). If you're interested let us know.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! :)

Reasons for leaving

Purchasing a Home


$3,100 cash + $1,000 security deposit

Additional fee

Application fee through building - no security deposit required at move in

Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn (NYC) Building Address For Rent: 66 Rockwell Place, Brooklyn, NY, 11217. We are #1 in furnished short term rentals and furnished short term sublets

$3,400per month 1 month min
Earliest Move-In
Earliest Move-Out
May 19, 2023
Latest move-out:
Open Ended
For this listing, you can also sign a new
one year lease with the landlord!

This apartment for rent is no longer available on our website.

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