205 Avenue A

East Village, Manhattan

The Basics

Just a Room in 3 Bed
2 (Shared)
$2,100per month
Earliest Move-In
1 month min
Feb 28, 2023
Last Updated
Oct 24, 2022

The Basics

Listing type:

Apartment Share

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Tenant Claims:

Got Landlord's Permission


Can be Furnished OR Unfurnished

Kind of building:

Rental building

Opportunity to renew:


Brokerage Fee:

The poster of this listing is NOT charging a brokerage fee.

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Yes, upon request  




  • Renovated
  • Washer/Dryer in Unit
  • Pet Friendly
  • Public Roof Deck

Property Details

I am moving in with my significant other and am sub-leasing my room in the heart of the East Village through the lease expiration on 2/28. My roommates are planning on re-signing the lease for another year so if you like the space, you can re-sign for another year. I am flexible with a move-in date between now and Nov. 15. The apartment is totally furnished including a fully stocked kitchen. I am sub-leasing my room as either furnished (as seen in the pictures) or un-furnished.

About the space:
The space has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has an in-unit washer and dryer, the kitchen has a dishwasher and full fridge/freezer. The building has roof access as well. Each room has it's own AC/heating unit. The bedroom has plenty of room for a queen bed as well as a desk. The closet space contains ample storage room. The bathroom has A TON of shelving space, we don't even use most of it as there is so much. The building is composed of all twenty-somethings and has an extremely friendly vibe.

About the roommates:
The apartment is shared with two roommates: Isaac (26) and Christian (26). Both have 9-5 jobs in Technology, generally working three days from home and two in the office. We are all friendly and often times hang out in the living room together, occasionally doing things outside of the apartment together. We bring friends over to the apartment and you are welcome to do the same. We are all generally clean and expect the same out of you. To give an example of our cleanliness expectation: Dishes in general are not left in the sink overnight. However, if you have a few friends over for a pregame, for example, and leave a light mess around the apartment, that's totally fine as long as you clean it up the next morning. Isaac has a dog (Cooper) who is shown in the last picture. Cooper is the most amazing dog of all time and is incredible friendly. I am not a dog person, but living with Cooper has honestly been such a joy. Isaac does not expect a single thing from you with respect for caring for Cooper. In my seven months living with Isaac, he has never once asked me to do a single chore for Cooper.

Reasons for leaving

Moving in with Partner

East Village, Manhattan (NYC) Building Address For Rent: 205 Avenue A, New York, NY, 10009. We are #1 in furnished short term rentals and furnished short term sublets

$2,100per month 1 month min
Earliest Move-In
Feb 28, 2023

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