130 East 62nd Street

Upper East Side, Manhattan

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Furnished Only
$4,950per month
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Nov 17, 2023
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Dec 16, 2023
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Sep 24, 2023

The Basics

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Short Term Rental

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Furnished Only

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Property Details

We specialize in furnished short term rental apartments, extended-stay & corporate housing accommodations in the heart of New York City on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 30-90-180 day minimum. The monthly accommodation cost excludes utilities and tax.

Cost per 30 days (Single Occupancy): $4950 + fees + tax (please inquire)
Cost per 30 days (Double Occupancy): $6150+ fees + tax (please inquire)

Thank you for considering our NYC accommodations for your upcoming stay. To receive a full cost estimate and also to help us ensure your visit aligns with your needs and our policies, please take a moment to answer the below questions.

1. Where are you traveling from?
2. Tell us a bit about your visit to New York.
3. Will you be working during your stay? If yes, what's your profession or type of work?
4. Work Setup: Will you be working remotely or commuting to an office?
5. Number of Occupants: How many people will be staying in the apartment? 6. We want to emphasize that we have a strict policy regarding occupancy, and would want to ensure that only you or only you plus your approved registered co-occupant will be staying in the apartment during the occupancy period.
7. Guests/Visitors: Are you planning to have overnight guests during your stay? If yes, please inform us in advance, as there's a per-night fee and a simple registration process for additional guests.
8. & 9. We maintain a strict no-pets and no-smoking policy. Kindly confirm that you'll be respecting these guidelines during your stay.

Thank you for taking the time to share these details with us. We look forward to assisting you and look forward to welcoming you to our NYC home.

A separate bundled monthly fee includes the below services:

1. Electricity, gas, heat (seasonal), water, and WiFi. Portable air conditioners are available at an additional monthly fee.
2. Supply of bedding/towels & kitchenware: Bedding includes mattress pad, sheet set, cotton blanket, down blanket & duvet cover (seasonal), pillows + towels. Down blankets are not provided in warm weather months.
3. 1x exit cleaning fee
4. 1x Interim month cleaning & linen service for multiple month stays.
5. Damage deposit equal to 1 month stay.
6. Occupancy tax (see below).

NEW YORK OCCUPANCY TAX (for stays under 180 days):
-Rentals for fewer than 180 days in New York City are subject to the below listed taxes.
-New York City Hotel Occupancy Tax: 5.875%
-NY City Hotel Tax: $2/room/night
-For tax purposes, this suite is comprised of 2 rooms
-No tax is due from guests who are considered to be permanent residents.
-To be considered a permanent resident of New York State, a guest must stay for at least 180 consecutive days without interruption.

Our apartments are more than just a place to stay; they're a home away from home. We take pride in providing fully furnished, well-maintained, and thoughtfully equipped spaces for your convenience and comfort, from cozy bedding to clean towels. We offer a tranquil and secure environment for our guests, which is why we've implemented certain policies to ensure everyone's comfort and safety. Our property operates as a hybrid of apartments/hotels and a traditional bed & breakfast.

While our apartments are cozy and comfortable, they are not traditional rentals. We provide additional services, including cleaning, utility coverage, and essential amenities, to make your stay worry-free. We're here to assist you and ensure you have a wonderful experience during your time with us.

Special Single Occupancy Discount! Our rates are designed to provide exceptional value for solo travelers. The listed rate is for single occupancy, offering you a significant discount for enjoying our space all to yourself. For an additional guest, there is a small charge of $1200-$1350 per 30 days to cover additional operating expenses such as utilities, more prep and cleaning, water (showers, toilets, sink us), supplies such as towels and bedding, laundry & internet and wear and tear. By default, our rates are tailored for single occupancy, allowing you to enjoy a more affordable stay. If you wish to add another occupant, we'd be delighted to accommodate them for a small fee. Experience the comfort and value of our space, whether you're traveling alone or with a companion!

The monthly fee to add a second occupant is applicable only if the additional occupant remains the same person throughout the duration of the stay and not a revolving set of guests. If you plan to have overnight guests during your stay, there will be a fee of $100 + $85 per night + tax for each overnight guest. All guests must be approved in advance.

If you are booking for single occupancy, our policy strictly permits only you to stay in the apartment during the occupancy period.If you're expecting any guests during your stay, we'd appreciate it if you could let us know in advance. We want to ensure that our policies are followed and everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Beautiful Fully Furnished Studio Apartment on Fantastic Block between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue. Fully furnished with queen bed, sofa, flat screen TV, area rug, armoire.

One flight above our entry foyer, guests find the studio apartment we call our Parlor Studio. The Parlor Studio overlooks a row of elegant East 62nd Street townhouses. Boasting a 12' ceiling, hardwood flooring, three over-sized double pane windows with bamboo shades and lace panels facing tree-lined East 62nd Street, and a classic fireplace mantle, the Parlor Studio, in all its exquisite pre-war detail, extends to nearly 327 square feet (30 m²).

The Parlor Studio (apartment 1F) is a grand beautifully furnished apartment situated on the Parlor level of the 19th century UES Brownstone on 62nd Street off Park Avenue. A short walk to Central Park & situated on a lovely tree-lined block, the classic NYC townhouse that houses this homey apartment, has the privacy & allure of sophisticated country living, in the most desirable neighborhood in Manhattan.

The butler's pantry is fully equipped with open shelving, a refrigerator/freezer, microwave and toaster oven, sink, electric coffee maker and kettle. Dishes are provided. Adjacent to the kitchenette is a round marble bistro table and chair set. Bathroom with pedestal sink and shower/bathtub combo. Please note Fireplace may not be used/ornamental only.

The furniture, too, consists of carefully curated, individual pieces: an antique 19th century iron bed, resized to queen, an 18th century armoire from France's Provence region, a stylish slip-covered sofa, and an area wool rug. The list goes on: you can keep your clothes in a Victorian-era chest of drawers or leave your purse on a circa 1870 American Empire card table. The walls are adorned with reproductions of the prints of Toulouse-Lautrec .

House Rules:
• Third party bookings are not permitted.
• 1871 House is a converted 148-year-old Brownstone. In that it is a historic building constructed in the year 1871 there is no elevator in the building. All suites are accessed via our central open staircase. Guests must transport their own luggage to their booked accommodations.
• Guests will be asked to fill out an informational questionnaire/application and to submit a copy of their government-issued ID. This could be a driver's license, passport or visa.
• Guests shall use the apartments or suites for residential/living purposes only (WFH exception).
• Guests may work from home (home office use only) provided that no employees or clients come to the apartment.
• Guests are prohibited from running a business, manufacturing, selling goods or products (inventory) for the apartment or using the rented premises as an art studio to paint or to create artwork from.
• Smoking is not permitted in the building, rooms, apartments, terrace, in any common/public areas surrounding the Premises or including 25 feet from the building.
• Fireplaces are decorative.
• Guests are liable for any stains on bedding, rugs, upholstery, etc.
• Host may request to show the apartment to prospective Guests. Host will give guest advance notice.
• We ask guests to abide by the house rules and be respectful of the accommodation.
• We will decline reservations that leave undesirable gaps in our schedule.

Terms & Conditions:
Occupancy & Guests
• All individuals who would occupy the Premises during the rental term must be disclosed prior to making a reservation.
• The occupancy agreement is based on a specific number of occupants. The number of occupants as specified in the rental agreement must be adhered to.
• Guests warrant that only individuals listed in the rental agreement can occupy the premises and that any individuals added after the effective date shall be subject to Host approval and additional costs.
• Subject to designated occupancy limits for the suite we charge a monthly management, additional wear & tear and combined supplemental utilities & housekeeping charge for a 2nd regular occupant. If you plan to have a temporary visitor, there is a fee of $85/night + a $100 set-up fee. All fees are taxable.
• Provided the occupancy maximum for the apartment is not violated, we allow for a limited number of overnight guests over a limited period of time. In that we are not a hotel but more of a residential corporate housing extended stay character which has many commonalities with long term leases we wish to advise that if you are considering more than 1 or 2 guests over an approx. 4-8 week period that our facility is not designed for that and we would request you give other places consideration. All overnight guests must be pre-approved and restricted to the numbers mentioned.
• Beds may not be added to any of the suites.
• If a child under 10 years of age will be in occupancy (even part time) provisions must be made for the installation of window guards as per NYC regs. Guests/Occupants pay the cost of the window guards hardware and installation @ an estimated cost of $150/window (6 windows). Children under 10 years may not reside in the apartment unless window guards are installed. A minimum lead time of 30 business days is required for the arrangement and coordination of window guard installation.
• Guest agrees that they will not bring any PETS into the Accommodation
• Guest agrees not to bring any furniture into the suite or to move furniture within the apartment.
• Guest is liable for the full costs of any damages. The security deposit shall be returned only after inspection by Provider/Host and Provider/Host determines that no damages, loss or injury has been done to the premises or property therein and that all charges and fees have been paid.

Other info

The least expensive base rate is applicable for single occupancy. We have a monthly second Occupant Fee or a fee for temporary Overnight Guests.

Upper East Side, Manhattan (NYC) Building Address For Rent: 130 East 62nd Street, New York, NY, 10065. We are #1 in furnished short term rentals and furnished short term sublets

$4,950per month 1 month min
Earliest Move-In
Nov 17, 2023
Earliest Move-Out
Dec 16, 2023
Latest move-out:
Open Ended
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