Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view an apartment or ask a question?
What is Leasebreak?
Does it work?
Is it free?
Is it just "lease-breaks"?
How do I know there are no fake listings or scams on here?
Do I have to post the real address? Will it be publicly displayed?
Can I search for entire apartments only? (Not shared apartments)
Is a landlord obligated to help you break your lease?
Is Leasebreak a brokerage firm?
Who should use this website? Brokers? Tenants? Landlords?
Is Leasebreak just in NYC?
Do you allow listings to be posted with durations of less than 30 days?
How does Leasebreak make money?
Do I need the landlord’s permission to post?
While the site is free to use, will I be charged a brokerage or management fee?
How involved does Leasebreak get in actually helping me either find a sublet or rent out my space?
Other questions?