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Frequently Asked Questions

Leasebreak is a marketplace of short term rentals (1 to 12+ months) and “lease-breaks” (those looking to get out of their lease obligation early).  All listings are posted by our users.  We ask all tenants who post "leasebreaks" if they have received their landlord's approval, and their answer is publicly displayed.  After registering, tenants, brokers, and landlords can use the site to find or post short term rentals or leasebreaks.  Note that all inquiries will go directly to whomever posted the listing.  Leasebreak is NOT a brokerage firm. 

Oh yes.  It even surprises us how well it works.  Here is a sample of over 300 customer testimonials from those who have recently used to successfully rent their apartments on our website! 

Yes, at this point you can post and search for an apartment on Leasebreak for free! We are mostly just focused on making Leasebreak the best resource possible :)

Only about 1/3rd of our inventory is made up of tenants who are breaking their leases (i.e. leasebreaks).   We specialize in all kinds of sublets, especially those under 12 months. However, we also are known to offer some incredible 12 month rentals because sometimes when a tenant is breaking his or her lease, the landlord ONLY allows a new 12 month renter to take it over.  And often, these apartments are not listed anywhere else!  

YES!  In "advanced search", simply check "Entire Apartment Only" for the first question.

We have a respected New York City attorney answer this question in our helpful resources section:

No, Leasebreak is not a brokerage firm but rather a “marketplace” of short term rentals and “leasebreaks”, all posted directly by users.  

All three! Leasebreak was designed with tenants, brokers, and landlords in mind.  

Yes, at this point Leasebreak is just in the five boroughs of New York City, with plans to expand in the future! For example, we just recently started allowing sublets from New Jersey to be posted on the website.  

No, unfortunately we do not.  When you post, the minimum duration for any listing must be at least 30 days.  

Ha!  Do we need to make money? : ) Well, we would like to make more money someday, but right now we make some money by charging for "featured listings", "premium users", and we partner with agents who want to help tenants either market their apartment, or need help searching for a rental (email for more info).  But mostly, we are focusing on just making Leasebreak the best resource possible.

We want only those who have their landlord’s permission to post on our website.  We believe the landlord’s permission and cooperation is CRITICAL.  Unlike most short term rental websites, we ask anyone posting a listing on our website if they have their landlord’s approval or not, and we publicly display their answer.  While we know this system is not foolproof, we believe this is an effective way to make sure the issue of “landlord approval” is up front and center.  Again, to repeat, we want only those who have their landlord’s permission to post on our website

If a listing is posting by a broker or a landlord, they may charge a brokerage or management fee.  This should be disclosed on the listing, and you can also search for listings which include or exclude brokerage fees.

Yes, this is required, and the address will be publicy displayed.  If we notice that the real address is not provided, we will remove the listing immediately.  HOWEVER, note that while we do require you to tell us the real unit number for verification purposes, we do NOT publicly display the unit number.  

Leasebreak provides a marketplace and resources to make it as easy as possible to find or post short term rentals or leasebreaks.  Our goal is to help “connect” those looking for tenants with those searching for apartments.  Once the connection is made, both parties would work out the details over email, phone, and in person.  However, for tenants looking to break their lease and find a new tenant, we do believe that brokers can be instrumental in the process.  Therefore - with the tenant's permission - we sometimes refer brokers whom we partner with to these tenants.  

We take an active role in preventing this type of behavior but unfortunately - like most user generated sites - there is no guarantee that we don’t have people acting in bad faith on our website.  However, unlike most websites, we are constantly reviewing the users of our website for suspicious activity, and we have an extremely active community of real estate professionals who are constantly communicating with us.  If you see anything suspicious, please contact us immediately at and we will investigate the matter.  We tend to suspend any listings while we are investigating them.  We also have more info on how you can avoid scams HERE.  IMPORTANT:  Under no circumstances should you pay any money to anybody for an apartment without physically seeing it yourself or having someone you trust physically see the unit.   You should also always make sure you receive the landlord’s approval.  If you are taking over a lease, you should ask for a current copy of the lease.  Please note that this website does not provide legal advice and Leasebreak is not a law firm.   Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, we recommend you consult a lawyer if you want legal advice. 

If you have other questions which you do not see here, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  We may even add your question to this list of FAQ.  Enjoy using Leasebreak!