Can I Get a Legit Lease in NYC for Less Than 12 Months?

So, you’re looking to stay in NYC for less than a year—maybe three months for an internship, or a few weeks for a long vacation. Sounds like an easy task to find a short-term rental in NYC, right? However, have you actually tried to find a short-term lease here? How about a rental that you are confident is LEGAL? It’s true that our competitors offer lots of rentals, usually for 30 days or less, typically where tenants are offering their apartments. Did you know that most of these rentals are actually breaking the law? Many short-term rentals either do not follow New York State law—and the state is increasingly cracking down—or tenants are not abiding by their lease terms and thus upsetting their landlords. Additionally, almost all coops and condos in Manhattan (a big chunk of the rental inventory) prohibit any rentals of less than 12 months. This is because these buildings are made up of mostly “owners” and these buildings do not want the constant turnover associated with shorter term leases. So, if you choose to rent one of these units, you could be putting yourself in a precarious position, at risk of eviction or other legal action. Who needs that kind of hassle?! Not you! At Leasebreak, we offer an extremely transparent marketplace where tenants, agents, and landlords can search and post their “leasebreaks”, short term rentals, sublets, and shares. We are the only marketplace focused on the 1- to 12-month marketplace. With our emphasis on transparency, we are changing the way renters look for sublets. We publicly display the EXACT ADDRESS, and we ask tenants creating a rental listing if they have their landlord’s approval. When possible, we even verify this information directly with the landlord. And, every listing states whether or not there is a brokerage fee. In other words, no matter what brings you to the NYC area, Leasebreak has your short-term housing needs covered.

Want to be in Manhattan for 3 months while your grandpa is undergoing medical treatment? No problem. Hoping to be in Brooklyn for a month, to get to know your first grandchild? We’ve got the perfect rental for you. Need to be in Queens for 6 months on a work project? Look no further than Leasebreak.
Good luck on your short-term rental search, and please reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

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