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Guess what is one of the most frequently asked questions by a prospective tenant when inquiring about a New York City Apartment.

Will the landlord do a 3-month short term rental on this? A 6-month short term lease? A 9-month sublet? How about any short term rental between 1 and 12 months?

Now guess what the answer is, 99% of the time.

No, sorry.

Hopefully you actually get the "Sorry" — because landlords and agents are so sick of hearing this question, you may get just get the abrupt “NO”. People talk about how difficult it is to find a traditional 12-month apartment lease in NYC. Now try finding a rental for less than 12 months! Why do people look for a short term lease in the Big Apple? Well, here are some recent examples, quoted from hopeful renters using

“I will be working in New York for the next 6 months before relocating to Atlanta, GA and I need a place to call home while here”

“Need a 3 month short term lease while renovation is ongoing”

“Need an apartment for my summer internship in New York City”

“Need to get on a different lease cycle so I can move in with my girlfriend in October”

Unfortunately, there had been no marketplace focused on rentals between 1 and 12 months...until now! At, we focus on the renter who does not necessarily need a 12-month lease. These “shorter term” stays can come in many forms, and they are all represented on our website in fairly equal proportions.
  • We have “leasebreaks”, which are situations where tenants need to get out of their 12-month lease obligation, and they post their lease with the remaining months on our website.
  • We have “short term rentals”, which are posted by tenants, agents, or landlords, who have apartments for rent for a lease term of less than 12 months, but nobody is wanting to “exit the lease early”.

    For a tenant, this could mean they are moving to Florida for 6 months in the winter and are looking for a 6-month renter.

    For a landlord, or an agent representing a landlord, this could mean an apartment — usually furnished — which is being offered by a landlord for a short lease in hopes to get a higher monthly rent. For some landlords, these are the kind of rentals they focus their business on. For others, they are simply filling a vacancy before a 12 month lease starts.
  • Finally, we have “shares”. These are situations where roommates are posting that a room is available in their apartment.
So, no matter if you’re a renter, current tenant, or landlord, if you’re looking to find or list a 1- to 12-month lease, is your best source of rentals in NYC. Stop by today to browse our available listings, post your own rental, or check out our tips for making your listing stand out!

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