The New Way To Find a Rental “Deal”: Taking Over a Lease And Pay Yesterday’s Price! (Usually No Fee too!)

What if you could find a rental listings site with hundreds of desperate NYC tenants who need to get out of their leases, offering phenomenal no-fee, “below market” deals to you? Now you can! Since its inception, has had literally thousands of strapped New York City residents hoping to find a new tenant to take over their lease obligations. Where do you fit in? You have that new job in New York City, or school is about to start and you’re ready to begin your new adventure. Oh, just one thing. You need a place to live and have to find a rental, preferably with no fee. Easy, right? In most cities, perhaps, housing is just an afterthought. In NYC, however, finding a rental may become the bane of your existence: sleepless nights, tense discussions with family and friends who want to help, dealing with hundreds of brokers, losing several apartments that seem to be taken right out from under you. You started off excited, but now you are just stressed. Lucky for you, there is a new way to rent, where you can take over someone else’s lease, and not pay a broker’s fee: a "leasebreak". You may be wondering why a tenant would be willing to let you take over their lease without charging fees. There are many situations why someone may need to get out of their lease obligation: new job, wife is pregnant and the family needs more space, getting married, relationship break-up, just to name a few. Even better, choosing a leasebreak situation may save you money by only renting for the time you’ll actually need. While some leasebreaks are 12 months in length (because the landlord will only allow the tenant to break their lease obligation if a new 12-month tenant can be found), others are much shorter. Do you really need a 12-month rental, or would a 9-month or 8-month rental do? Would it be even preferred in some cases (e.g.. the school year is often only 9 months)? And, here is often the best part: when you take over a lease, you will usually be paying the price that was negotiated months and months ago: the price you pay can be BELOW the current market value. Not only will you often not pay a brokerage fee, but you will be paying yesterday’s rental rates. So, if you’re looking to find your new home in the Big Apple, why not go with the only true win-win arrangement — a leasebreak! Browse our hundreds of listings now to find the place you need at a price you can afford.

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