Can You Guess The Most Popular Manhattan Nabes for Short Term Rentals?

Here at Leasebreak, we connect short-term renters with available properties throughout New York City via our online marketplace. However, there are two neighborhoods that consistently rise to the top in terms of popularity for those looking for a lease of less than twelve months. In the last ten years, these particular areas have seen an exponential increase in new rental buildings, with many offering short-term leases in the hopes of attracting new tenants. What makes these specific locations so popular with short-term tenants? Both tend to attract the young, professional crowd, where the number of trees on the block or proximity of a playground are non-issues. Residents may only live in their apartment for a year or two before moving on to other work opportunities elsewhere; this makes landlords more forgiving of short-term stays in comparison with other neighborhoods where tenants stay for years (or decades!). Now, we could just tell you which two neighborhoods are likely to come up in your search, but let’s see if you can figure it out with some clues. And, who knows? You might just find your perfect short-term home too!

Mystery NYC Neighborhood #1

This monumental neighborhood can satisfy every kind of explorer: artistic, historic, foodie, you name it. Only Times Square gets more tourist visitors every year. Looking for museums that are slightly off the beaten path? Skyscrapers, American Finance, Jewish Heritage - take your pick! How about the 9/11 Memorial? Want to stand where George Washington was sworn in as President? Have an outstanding view of the Statue of Liberty? Look no further.

Mystery NYC Neighborhood #2

Even if you’ve never been to New York City, this is the neighborhood you know. It’s iconic, featured in numerous movies and books. Who wouldn't want to live deep in the heart of the Big Apple? Times Square is there, in all of it's 24-hour glory. You'll also never go hungry in this part of the city, with its astonishing quantity of restaurants serving every budget range and palate, and more opening every month just one block over. So is the northernmost point of the High Line, one of the newer green space attractions in NYC that allows walkers nearly a mile and half of gorgeous views above street level. You might have a hard time deciding between the beauty of the wildflowers and the edgy allure of the artwork found along its path. If you've heard of Hudson Yards, you already know this latest development - the biggest in NYC since the Rockefeller Center - is anticipated to see nearly twenty-five million visitors annually after its targeted late-2015 completion date. You'll find this hotel-retail-residential complex in this neighborhood as well. But, can you name it? If you’re really on top of things, you can identify at least three names for the most popular neighborhood for short-term rentals.

So, what two neighborhoods have the most short term rental inventory on Leasebreak relative to their population?

If you said the Financial District and Midtown West (also known as Hell's Kitchen or Clinton), you're right! Search for your short term lease today at

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