is the New Source for No-Fee Rentals. Move Over, Craigslist

Finding an apartment in New York City without paying a brokerage fee (i.e. a “no fee apartment”) has always been a challenge. Why? Places to find no-fee apartment listings have been very limited in the past. Craigslist is usually the first place people think of when looking for a lease, especially a short-term lease. It’s true that, once in awhile, you can find a good deal there, but unfortunately it has gained a reputation as a breeding ground for unscrupulous brokers and scams. Move over, Craigslist! is the newest listing site for no-fee rentals, offering unprecedented transparency during the rental process:

  • We provide the exact street addresses for every listed unit.
  • We thoroughly monitor the site, making our best effort to ensure that listings and users are legitimate, responding quickly to user feedback.
  • Every listing has specific availability dates, so you can search by date and lease length.
  • Every listing clearly states whether or not there is a brokerage fee, as well as who is responsible for the listing (i.e. agent, tenant, or landlord).
  • We strongly recommend that all users receive landlord approval before posting.
Take a look at what Leasebreak users have to say about the rental process:

“...didn’t have the time or patience to sift through the wacky responses I received on Craigslist.”

“...With all of the nonsense of Craigslist…. Leasebreak was a massive help…”

“the [Leasebreak] website and interface are clean and easy to use, and I had plenty of folks reach out — none of whom were the scary internet trolls, or bots you might find when listing somewhere like Craigslist.”

“Seems much more professional and standup than Craigslist.”

So, if you’re on the hunt for a no-fee rental in NYC, give Leasebreak a try today!

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