How far in advance should you start your search for a short-term rental in NYC?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by new users of You might be surprised to learn that most people start their search too early. We all love to plan ahead and have all of our arrangements in place before a new adventure or different living arrangement, but in the world of short-term rentals in New York City, it’s best to begin your search no earlier than two months ahead of time.
Even at that two-month mark, there may not be much available for your desired start date, as most inventory is listed within 30 days of the lease start date. However, giving yourself two months to get a feel for the market and typical inventory will help you prepare to jump on your perfect listing when it does become available.
If you look too far in advance, it could cause problems.  For a furnished short-term lease being offered by a landlord, while the apartment may be theoretically available when you need the lease to start – and it is listed as vacant on the day you are looking - the landlord may not allow it. They would not want to sign a lease with you several months out if there is a good chance they could rent the apartment sooner and have a shorter vacancy period.
There is one noteworthy exception to that two-months-or-less timeline: if someone is breaking their lease, sometimes they may know several months in advance. We have some listings on that may be 4-5 months in advance, because the person knows they are leaving for a job, etc, and they are very motivated to find someone to take over their lease.

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