Four Surprising Reasons for Short-Term Rentals in NYC

When you think of short-term rentals in NYC, you probably think of extended vacations, summer internships, or even corporate assignments. Here are four reasons for a short-term sublet in New York City that may surprise you: 1. Divorce or break-up Some people find themselves in need of a new place on short notice when a relationship ends. When they need to stay in the city, for work or other reasons, short-term leases can provide permanent housing quickly. 2. Family in the hospital When a loved one is sick, it can be difficult to predict when they will be discharged from the hospital. Short-term sublets are a convenient option for family members. Similarly, if you find yourself in need of treatment by New York City's renowned physicians on an outpatient basis, this kind of rental can give you a more permanent residence than a hotel as you walk the path to wellness. 3. Off-campus housing For NYC students who need housing for only a semester or two, a short-term rental can be the perfect choice. Dorm space and traditional off-campus apartments are often reserved well in advance, but new short-term leases come available every day. 4. Renovations Hundreds of NYC apartments are renovated every year; where do the owners go in the meanwhile? A monthly rental is an ideal solution while waiting for a new-and-improved home. You may even be able to find one just around the corner.

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