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Leasebreak Founder Phil Horigan to Present at NY Tech Meetup

On Tuesday, March 3rd at 7 p.m.,'s Phil Horigan will have the honor of presenting at the p...

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What is the difference between a sublet, lease assignment, and a lease break?

If you need to exit your lease early and your landlord allows you to find another tenant, you should ask your landlord how he or she prefers to structure ...

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Why Are Short Term Rentals in New York City So Expensive?

If you are new to the short term rental search, you may experience sticker shock. How could a 400 square foot three month furnished rental in Manhattan co...

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Why is Finding a Short Term Rental in Manhattan so Difficult?

Finding a short term rental in Manhattan is very difficult.  Why is this? Well, for starters finding any kind of rental in Manhattan is not easy let alone find...

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