Why Real Estate Agents Are Regular Users of Leasebreak.com

Recently, a Douglas Elliman agent emailed us “I had a great experience with your website and definitely would use it again. I received very good interest and quality leads right on the first day”.

At Leasebreak.com we are trying to solve two problems at once.  Real estate agents - as experts in the rental and sales markets - are all too familiar with these issues:

1)      Short Term Rental Market Not Friendly. If you ever tried to look for a short term rental in New York City, you are immediately educated on how difficult the short term rental market can be.

2)      How Do You Help Someone Get Out of Their Lease Early.  If a landlord allows a tenant to get out of their lease early, the tenant may be allowed to “Sublet”, “Assign their Lease”, or “Break Their Lease”.  If a tenant has a relationship with a real estate agent, they will usually call their real estate agent first to ask for advice.

Let’s look at each of these issues a little more closely.

Short Term Rental Market Not Friendly

At Leasebreak.com, we recognize how hard it is for people to find short term rentals.   But what if someone who is looking for a short term rental could search a database of tenants who are looking to get out of their lease early?  And what if this tenant could “assign” or “sublet” the remaining months of their lease!  Voila!  A short term sublet is created! Many real estate agents have realized that Leasebreak.com contains a unique inventory of short term sublets (mostly “lease breaks”) and agents have been successful in finding their clients short term rentals in some very sought after buildings or for some very specific time frames.

Not just rental agents can benefit from this inventory of short term rentals.  In fact, sales agents have been using our database as well.  Many times, it is buyers who need short term rentals.  Sometimes they are renovating their apartments and need a place to stay for a several months.  Other times, they want to purchase something but the timing won’t work with their current rental so they want to move into a short term rental until they close on their apartment.

How do You Help Someone Get Out of Their Lease

Often someone who is looking to get out of their lease early will call their real estate agent first.  Assuming the landlord will agree to let this person out of their lease if they can find someone to take it over (most landlords allow this), the real estate agent is now tasked with helping this tenant find someone to take over a lease, a lease that is often not the standard 12 months in length.  Advertising for this type of listing can be very difficult.  At Leasebreak.com, we are advertising mostly ONLY these type of apartments…the only website of its kind!  The agent can post for free on our web site on behalf of their client, and all inquiries would go directly to the agent.  Alternatively, a lot of agents suggest their clients post their apartment directly with us given how easy the website is to use.  The traffic to our website is increasing every day, and most agents and/or tenants are extremely happy with the quality leads they are receiving.

If there are any questions, kindly direct them to [email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you!

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