Can I Get Out Of My Rental Lease Early?

Can I get out of my rental lease? Most rental leases are at least one year commitments.  What if something in your life changes and you want to break your lease?  A new job? Divorce? A bad break up? Don’t panic! The most important thing to do is to be upfront with your landlord about the situation and try to work him or her.  You may be able to come to an agreement which would allow you to break your lease early Sally Anderson of MSN Real estate does a great job explaining the way you should be thinking about this, and here at we support her viewpoint. Here is a link to her article entitled “Breaking Your Lease”: If your landlord will allow you to find another tenant to take over your lease, than please feel free to use, a free resource where you can post your apartment details and find a tenant to take over your lease.

Breaking My Lease


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