Finding Housing During NYC Summer Internship?

Getting a summer internship in Manhattan can be very exciting.  But where are you going to live?  This is always the challenge.  Finding a short term rental in Manhattan can be a daunting venture.  Perhaps you are lucky and know a friend or family member who lives in New York City, and you can crash on their couch for a few months!  Others may try their luck with Craigslist in hopes to perhaps find an apartment where a room is being rented out. Why is it so difficult? As you will surely soon find out if you have not already, most leases in Manhattan are for at least one year in duration.  This is either due to the rules in the building (as with most coops and condos) or because the landlord prefers it this way. Since the rental market is so strong in Manhattan, the landlord will usually be able to have longer term leases. One new resource which can help you find a short term rental for your summer internship is  On this web site you will be connected with those people who are currently in longer leases, but need to break their lease for one reason or another.  Very often the landlord will allow the renter who wants to break the lease early to try and find a new tenant to take it over.  And the remaining term will be a short term rental!

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